• Background research for problem
  • Hypothesis
  • Work out the design of experiments
  • Lab for experiment
  • Gather data and finalize results
  • Abstract
  • Conclusion and application

We have school science fair winners

The list of projects we offer  in our Center.

Make a schedule and during 4-5 sessions (60 minutes each) you can complete your scientific work and be ready for Science Faire with the Poster or Power Point view.

4 grade

1.     Conductor tester testing
2.     Popping popcorn
3.     Making Jells
4.     Reability of calculator
5.     Floating and sinking the egg
6.     Battle of the markers
7.     Penetration of paper towels

5 grade

1.     Conductivity
2.     Melting point of frozen liquids
3.     Adaptations of quinoa pig
4.     Lift of wing
5.     Chemist and Engineer Norbert Rillieux

6 grade

1.     How do acids affect the Rate of corrosion?
2.     Battery’s Life
3.     Tsunami waves
4.     Rocks
5.     Can water float on water?
6.     Acid Rain
7.     The effect of light on growth of the plant
8.     The effect of fertilizer on wheat grass
9.     Quality of light

7 grade

1.     Rocks
2.     How does moisture affect the color of soil
3.     Effect of Acetic Acid on corrosion behavior of steel
4.     Corrosion of metals in water
5.     Buoyancy of Floating cylinders
6.     Crazy crystals
7.     Solubility

8 grade

1.     Water fluoridation controversy
2.     Wood adhesive durability
3.     Viscosity
4.     Effectiveness of water disinfection
5.     Split light into a spectrum
6.     Heat Loss
7.     Wrapping materials of ripping fruits
8.     Electromagnet
9.     Insulators