Lights Tutoring Center International   provides high quality language courses for our Russian and Hispanic visitors and families of the South Florida community with limited-English-proficient who are beginning their transition into the American culture.

Lights Tutoring Center International is committed to achieving this mission by continuously enhancing the quality of our service and constantly innovating teaching methodologies. We are also dedicated to helping students in our community fulfill academic, professional and personal goals.
Our aim, as an internationally recognized language program center is to provide optimal courses, innovative research-based pedagogical techniques, the most courteous staff and the best team of instructors. We seek to exceed the expectations of current and future students in order to build a reputation that will endure for years.

We believe that in order to meet the demands of a growing diversified community; we must offer quality language instruction and continue to provide professional customer service. It is our strong commitment to diligently carry out our function as educators for the soon to be members of our community and individuals around the world. We prepare students academically to meet public school and university course standards as well as enhance students’ self-esteem in their practice of second language skills. As a community leader in helping families adjust to the American lifestyle, we promote the importance of multilingualism in our community. Visiting students and their families are also provided additional out-of-class resources for language practice.

Lights Tutoring Center International motivates students of all ages towards their educational goals and objectives as well as assisting parents become part of the working class community.

Thank you for your time in this matter and hope this letter will clarify our status as an Educational language center.