We offer preparatory classes for children from 5 years. We provide a safe and warm environment in addition to learn where children will develop a culture of thinking in a bilingual media. Our goal is to help children who are in the U.S. here on tourist visas from Russia and the Ukraine and who are waiting the resolution of a new status and preparing to go to American School System in future succeed to rising expectations of Florida State Standards. Kindergarten, and early elementary classes require and expect children to master several high-level skills. Our curriculum mirrors these expectations, but puts the concepts into a context that is fun and achievable for the child. Our approach is that children learn best through educational games, music, and innovative practices and combination with pencil-paper activities. We believe that children will gain a positive attitude towards earning and build confidence and self-esteem if the concepts are taught in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate method in a comfortable school like atmosphere.

Our team of Educators supports a bilingual idea of education: if non-English speaking students are educated in both their native language and English, they will learn English in a more organic and efficient manner improving both the student’s skills in English and the mother tongue. The child who is exposed to multiple languages in an academic environment will not feel ashamed to use his or her native language and will consequently be a more receptive frame mind to learn and faster English.

The main good of our Preparatory classes is to ensure elite elementary school placement for our students!

K-1st Grade

  • Vocabulary development
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, holding a pencil, etc.)

  • Phonetic awareness(miming, sound manipulation)

  • Letter and number recognition

  • Counting to 100

  • Phonics

  • Penmanship/letter and number formation

  • Beginning reading skills

  • Beginning writing skills

1st-5th Grade

  • Word attack reading skills
  • Oral fluency(speed reading)

  • Reading comprehension

  • Sentence/paragraph writing

  • Addition/ subtraction

  • Problem solving

  • Higher-order thinking skills

  • Study skills