Russian weekend’s school was founded 15 years ago by parents of Hollywood, Hallandale, and Sunny Isles Beaches interested in keeping alive Russian language and culture in the lives of their children. Here, at the school we introduce students to our unique Russian teaching method. Those techniques are suitable for all levels and they are perfect for children of all ages. We focus on speech, writing, socialization, as well as development of the quality of character. This method works equally well for children whose parents decided to choose Russian as a first language acquired by their child, as well as for those parents who want their child to study the Russian language for overall development.
Our classes are carefully selected according to the goal chosen by the instructor. All students receive specific instructions for practicing their skills in mastering the Russian language. The goal of our school is to help students explore Russian language through classes taught in Russian games and other activities. The overall result of this is that their speech and point of reference is based upon firsthand experience. All the children that are attending Russian School starting from beginners to more advanced students are encouraged to participate in all of the events related to Russian culture and language. Those activities might include attending Russian Ballet Theater accompanied by parents, going to the Russian Church or playing with other Russian children at the park. We welcome students of all ages and levels. Our program is based on the materials which are grade level appropriate. Elena Colon is the Principal Director. Mrs. Colon has over 27 years of teaching experience in Russia.  Here in US she is a Certified Miami Dade Country Public School Teacher specializing in teaching advanced placement curriculum. Mrs. Colon’s track record shows her being extremely successful in the challenge of bringing out what’s best in students.