We register our students with the Miami-Dade Home Education Program at the beginning of the school year and transfer them into the next grade level at the end.
Our teachers are college-educated, highly experienced, and certified by Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
We offer both one-on-one sessions at our center and online sessions.
We adhere to all CDC guidelines.
We offer individualized services at affordable prices.

I am a mother of four children. Two oldest visited Russian weekend school. Nine month ago I registered my third 4 years old son Malakay to prepare him for Kindergarten of Public school. He visited English Preparatory classes and Russian program afternoon. Today, I am a very proud that my son after successful testing accepted in gifted class. Here, in school “Inspiration”( so called this two bilingual programs) my son learnt to read on English and Russia very well. After my vacation I am sure I will bring here my youngest 3 years old son because he will get professional attention and care.

LARISA, Mother

Isabella, my doughtier visits Russian Sunday School. She learned to read, to write and really improved her Russian speech. Also, she met here a lot of Russian friends. Together with teaches and parents children make a different holidays and picnic parties. Last celebration of the 70 anniversary of the Victory in World War II was a very exited. Some of parents were crying because it was very emotional performance. Thanks and big respect to our teachers and administrators.


My daughter Arina Baskina was attending the preparatory classes of school “Inspiration” one year long and before she started doing her first grade of public school. She was very confident in English language that was enough to be successful all this year in public school. We parents appreciate and say thank you to her Teachers Ms Santia Lima, Ms Leilani Myers, and Ms. Victoria Apone for the excellent job with our kids.