There were many Russians in the last few years who have gone to the United States not only for reasons of immigration, also for their businesses, tourism, and rest. However,  statistic show that many of these trips to the U.S. finish with children or whole families staying America for long period of time or even forever. But what immigrants deal with first- is an Atmosphere of cultural shock which is connected with a lack of English and knowledge of the American educational system.

Moreover, the transition period from the Russian system of education to the American system of education is painful, even for children who were very successful in Russian schools. It is true that such children have a special high sense of responsibility. Because of their first failure at a new school, many of these children become highly stress  with nervous frustrations, with the idea of wasted time of repeating  courses of education resulting in one form or another of physical illnesses.

Lights Tutoring Center helps families, children and their parents in similar situation with our programs. We not only teach language, but also help adapt Russian students to the American system of education.

The strategy of our Center is to help them on one of three directions:

Choice 1.  Special summer program (a course 2-3 months, 2 hours daily) before entering to American school. Our aim is to teach the English language using different school subjects they will encounter at their new school.

Choice 2. Register with the Miami Dade county District in American school to officially transition student to home schooling while studying at our Center, which has been recognized by the Public system of Miami As a bridge is a perfect foundation for translation from private classroom to   classes at their new school.

Choice 3. A combination of daily public schools attendance  and after school tutoring in our Center where professional teachers help students complete tasks, art and another school projects, while at the same time improving new English skills with help in their own Russian language.

Our Center registers students of any school ages and with any skills in English. The graduates from our center with acquired confidence in their strength, experience and quantification in their new environment.

Here at Lights Tutoring Center new useful acquaintances and new friends are acquired, with who they usually remain for lifetime. Teachers at our Center are very happy to meet their graduates about months and years later to learn their success, which they have achieved in their life. At our Center only the best professionals work, here those come with big experience teaching in Russia and in USA, combined all the best methodic, acquired over their career. We very proud knowing that our center can build that immigration bridge, on which our children can simulate and join painlessly in to American society and School system.

“Lights Tutoring Center” will keep doors opened for everyone who wishes to help their children succeed in their new home.