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GED (General Educational Development)

  GED (General Educational Development)

Professional Enrichment in Speech and Grammar classes

Effective presentations are a mixture of a variety of elements.

Tutoring to Enhance Science Skills

The key goals of science tutoring are to help extend students’ understanding of the content and

Naturalization Test Preparation

Naturalization Test Preparation


 My son Roman came into Miami from Russia 2 years ago, and I was very worry about his education hire in America. Because my son has a very


I am a mother of four children. Two oldest visited Russian weekend school. Nine month ago I registered my third 4 years old son Malakay to


Isabella, my doughtier visits Russian Sunday School. She learned to read, to write and really improved her Russian speech. Also, she met

Elena Abidor

My daughter Arina Baskina was attending the preparatory classes of school "Inspiration" one year long and before she started doing her